Reception for International Students at the Faculty of Arts and at the University of Ljubljana (two separate events)

1. Reception for regular full time international students at the Faculty of Arts

This year, the Faculty of Arts will again organize a reception for international students via Zoom, on 15 September 2022 at 10 A.M on this link. (Meeting ID: 993 7707 0492).

At the event the the Administrative offices for undergraduate/master/ doctoral studies and the Central Humanities Library of the Faculty of Arts will be presented. Students will also be given information on the use of Student information system - VIS, tutoring system at the Faculty of Arts and other important information they might need during their studies at the Faculty of Arts.

2. Reception for regular full time international students at the University of Ljubljana

On 15 September 2022, at 1.00 P.M., the University of Ljubljana will organise a presentation for international students via the Zoom programme.

At the event, foreign students will be presented with information related to their studies at the University of Ljubljana, extracurricular and other activities, and other useful information related to their stay in Slovenia.

The presentations will be carried out by representatives of various organizations, who will give students first-hand information about studying at the University of Ljubljana and living in Slovenia (information regarding the arrangement of health insurance, registration of residence permits, accommodation, scholarship opportunities, subsidized meals, local transport, Year Plus, the University of Ljubljana Career Centers, tutoring, extracurricular and other activities).

The presentations will be recorded and the recordings will be shared after the event.

An invitation and a link to the application form for participation at the event and other relevant information are available here.




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