Fieldwork and Excursions II

Fieldwork and Excursions II

Study Cycle: 1

Lectures: 0

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 30

ECTS credit: 3

Lecturer(s): asist. dr. Valant Miha, doc. dr. Cerkovnik Gašper

Fieldwork and Excursions are organised in concordance with other courses on Slovenian and European art. Moreover, they try to follow current projects in and around Slovenia (e. g. restoration works, important exhibitions, etc..). Under the guidance of lecturer students use their theoretical knowledge for practical work in situ. Destinations for excursions and locations of the fieldwork are chosen in such a way that students are faced with as complex and diverse art historical problems as possible (with objects of interest including architecture, sculpture, painting, decorative arts); moreover, they are chosen in the way to enable a comprehensive professional approach (topographical, chronological, conservational, museological, stylistic, morphological, iconographical, etc..)