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When and where: May 6 - 7 2016, Auditorium 2 (Friday) & Blue Room (Saturday), Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana


Language of the symposium: English (presentation manuscript in Korean, English or Slovene)

Keynote speaker: Prof. Soo Hyun JANG, Kwangwoon University, Korea

Title of the keynote lecture: “Towards a More Networked Approach to Developing Korean Studies Programs”


Concept of the symposium:

Based on some recent examples of information and resource sharing, regional collaborations and online courses etc., our keynote speaker, Prof. Jang Soo Hyun, will discuss a more networked approach to develop textbooks and additional teaching materials for Korean studies programs. According to Prof. Jang, such collaborative efforts, both regional and international, are attracting attention of Korean funding agencies in these difficult times of downsizing in education.

Other contributions in relation to teaching materials, textbooks and other tools to promote Korean Studies and East Asian (Chinese and Japanese) Studies in the Central European region, or some other specific regions, are welcome. We hope to learn much from various existing examples and get some fresh new ideas.

The aim of this international symposium is to bring together specialists in the field of Korean, Japanese and Chinese Studies in order to exchange various views and experiences on the topic and to discuss further cooperation among Korean, Chinese, Japanese and European scholars and institutions. We also hope to build a better network of specialists. The symposium will be open to public.