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Katedra za koreanistiko vabi na predavanja prof. Andreasa Schirmerja z Univerze na Dunaju o korejski identiteti, od pon. 25. maja do četrtka 28. maja vsak dan od 18h do 20h30 in v petek 29. maja 2015 od 9h40 do 12h10. Predavanja bodo v angleškem jeziku. 

[SPECIAL LECTURES on KOREAN STUDIES in English] by professor Andreas Schirmer

Andreas Schirmer (University of Vienna, East Asian Studies) Research Interests: Translation Studies, Material Culture Studies, Phonology, Cultural Memory, Book History, East Asian Studies, History of Mentalities, History of Mentality, History of mentality (Classics), and Korean Literature and Culture

Lecture series: Definitions of Korean Identity: what is "Koreanness“? Keywords and shifting discourses

1. The historical stages of nationalism: Pre-nationalist Korea Nationalism in the times of Korean modernization and among Japanese rule State-imposed nationalism after liberation and during developmental dictatorship Shifting discourses in parallel to democratization Current discourses and the recent official multicultural rhetoric.

2. The attributes, qualities, strengths and weaknesses etc. ascribed to Koreans ever since definitions of Koreanness have been given.  

3. Popular Korean media that deal with the question of “Korean identity” as well as materials that cater to foreigners with the purpose of defining the “homo coreanicus” or with the intention to cultural code-words that circumscribe the essence of being Korean.

The lecture/class introduces the listeners to this discourse by presenting numerous original sources, texts and audiovisual materials as well as scholarly/academic studies. The aim is not to advocate any existing definitions of Koreanness or to contest them but to give an overview about those various threads of the discourse that have been historically important or that have still an impact and are thus (culturally, mentality-wise, socially, politically etc.) realities in their own right.

[Timetable: 25~29 May]

Mon. (25.05) 18:00~20:30 / room 119

Tue. (26.05) 18:00~20:30 / room R2

Wed. (27.05) 18:00~20:30 / room R2

Thu. (28.05) 18:00~20:30 / room 024

Fri. (29.05) 09:40~12:10 / room Rimlj.

Koreanistika / Department of Asian and African Studies / Faculty of Arts

Predavanja bodo v angleškem jeziku. Več informacij: doc. dr. Byoung Yoong Kang (oddyoong na