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27. in 28. junija 2014, v predavalnici 030 v kleti glavne stavbe Filozofske fakultete v Ljubljani.



China, Korea and Japan are the 3 main nations in which the Chinese characters are used up to today. However, these languages differ greatly in their grammar, writing systems etc.  The scholars and students involved in East Asian studies must learn the Chinese characters, but in different manners and contexts according to their specialty (Chinese, Japanese or Korean Studies).  There are many things which we can share with each other, and at the same time, we must understand specific problems related to Chinese characters in each individual languages.  Due to the common historical background, experts of these three cultures have much to share with each other.  By understanding Chinese characters and its cultures in the eastern Asian countries, the discussion at the symposium will help us understand East Asia as a whole, the history and tradition of the area.
 The aim of this international symposium is to bring together specialists in the field of Korean linguistics and history, as well as those of East Asian studies, Chinese studies and Japanese studies in order to exchange various views on the topic and to discuss further cooperation among Korean, Chinese, Japanese and European institutions.
 We are hoping to build a better network of specialists and prepare younger generations to understand Korea in East Asia.
 The symposium will be open to public.  Students of East Asian cultures are invited to listen to the speakers and cooperate in discussions.

Program in attachment.