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2nd International STCS Conference ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF MODERN CHINA 一百年的现代中国 Papers:


AU, Chung-to (The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong):

Contesting Space in Semicolonial Shanghai: A Study of the Relationship between Shanghai Modernist poetry and the Semicolonial City


BECKER, Tania (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany):

Never Sorry. Tradition and Modernity in the Work of Ai Weiwei 艾未未


BOFULIN, Martina (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):

A Century Long Migration from Qingtian to Europe: In Pursuit of a Niche?


CANUTI, Silvia (University of Salento, Italy):

The Christian Faith in Bing Xin’s Early Life: Tension between Tradition and Western Culture’s New Values in the Early 20th Century’s China


CHEN, Bo (University of Zurich, Switzerland):

The County-Level City in the People's Republic of China


FINDEISEN, Raoul David (Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia):

Competing and Ambulant Concepts of Modernity, with Special Emphasis on Literature: jindai, dangdai, xiandai


GIANNINOTO, Mariarosaria (Stendhal University - Grenoble, France):

The Introduction of Sociology in China and the Development of Sociological Lexicon


HAAPANEN, Jarkko (University of Jyväskylä, Finland):

“New World Trends” in May Fourth Journals


HO, Shun-yee (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong):

Republican China (1927-37) as Reflected in Literature


ILGO, Tina (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):

Classification and Interpretation of Symbolic Elements in Lu Xun`s Short Stories


ISTENIČ, Saša (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):

The Role of the Media in Democratic Consolidation of Taiwan and Slovenia


JUNGBLUTH F., Cora (University of Freiburg, University of Heidelberg, Germany):

From Pirate to Pioneer? China’s Long March towards Technological Innovation in the 21st Century


KAPETAN, Milan (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):

The Development of the Shaolin Temple and its Chan Teachings in Contemporary China


KOGOVŠEK, Janja (Karst Research Institute, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Slovenia):

Research of Underground Water Flow in Karst Area in the Lunan County, Yunnan, China


KRAVTSOVA, Marina (Saint Petersburg State University, Russia):

Rethinking Chinese Past in Aspect of Modernity


KWONG, Charles (Lingnan University, Hong Kong):

A Century of Exploration: Whither Chinese Poetry?


LEE, Hsing-ning (Fooyin University, Taiwan):



LIU, Xi (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong):

On the Literary Representation of Rural Migrant Women in the Context of Chinese Post-socialist Urban Modernity


MA, Jun (EHES - Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France):

Liang Qichao and the Republican Institutionalization


MARGARITO, Anna Simona (University of Salento, Italy):

Reflections of the West in Gu Cheng’s Life and Poems


MASSACCESI, Daniele (University College Cork, Ireland):

Migration as a Means to Female Emancipation? The Concept of “Freedom” among Young Migrant Women in Beijing


MATTHYSSEN, Mieke (Ghent University, Belgium):

‘Nande hutu’难得糊涂 and ‘the Art of being Muddled’: A Pragmatic Philosophy of Life in Contemporary Chinese Society


MOTOH, Helena (University of Primorska, Slovenia):

Cultural Construction with Chinese Characteristics: A New Reading of the 1935 Declaration for Cultural Construction on a Chinese Basis


PETROVČIČ, Mateja (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):

On Separable Words liheci in Textbooks, Online Dictionaries and Tagging Approach in Corpora


PTASZYNSKI, Signe Overgaard (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark):

The Revival of Confucianism in Modern Chinese Politics


ROŠKER, Jana (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):

Between Ethics and Ideology: The Changing Roles of Modern Confucianism


SAJE, Mitja (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):

The Great Ideological Cycle and Global Economy in Chinese Development since 1949


SALVIA, Lucia (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain):

Breaking the Silence: The Uses of a Magazine among the Gay Community as an Instrument of Social Change in China


SANTOS QUEIRÓS, António dos (Lisbon University, Portugal):

Tibet and China. Occupation or Common History? The Human Rights Evolution


SLABE, Tadej (Karst Research Institute, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Slovenia):

Karstology in Challenge of Development in Yunnan


STERNFELD, Eva (Technical University Berlin, Germany):

Modernization Fueled by Coal. Challenges for China’s Energy Sector and Global Climate Protection


ŠULER, Marija (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):

Liang Qichao and the Impact of His Ideas upon the New Chinese Historiography


TAMBURELLO, Giusi (University of Palermo, Italy):

Chen Jingrong (1917-1989): A Chinese Woman Poet Translating from French


TU, Ming-te (National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan):



URBANIJA, Matic (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):

Musical Transformation in Modern China: New Stories from Old Cui


VAMPELJ SUHADOLNIK, Nataša (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):

Reform of Chinese Painting in Republican Era: Theory versus Practice


VESELIČ, Maja (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):

The One and Its Parts: Old Inspirations in New Academic Narratives of Chinese Nation


WANG, Xuan (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):

Growing up without Attention: The Chinese Left-behind Children


WINTER, Martin (University of Vienna, Austria):

Chinese Literature since 2000


WU, Wanyi (Center for Humanities Research, National Science Council, Taiwan):



XU, Guangqiu (Friends University, USA):

Chinese Nationalism and China’s Modernization


YANG, Tao (Nagoya University, Japan):

From Shenghuo to Sanlian: A Publishing House in Modern China


YUAN, Ming-Hui (National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan):

另類文化帝國主義: 台灣女性流行雜誌視覺權力與現代衝突性—以國際中文版VOGUE/Cosmopolitan為例