International Cooperation

The Department offers a programme of East Asian studies, with the three study options: Sinology, Japanology and East Asian Cultures, within which students can also enrol in the Korean studies. The core topics of teaching and research include culture, history, sociology, language, way of thought and political systems of China, Japan and Korea respectively, as well as other East Asian countries, in the light of tradition, development and current social realities. The programme equips graduates for work as translators, in research institutions, libraries and in diplomacy.

The Department has admirable collaboration and exchange agreements with various Universities in East Asia (Erasmus+, CEEPUS, exchanges within the framework of bilateral grants, etc.) and regularly organises international symposiums and workshops on a broad variety of topics related to Asia. Furthermore, the Department frequently hosts distinguished international scholars, whose lectures are open to international exchange students.

The International Relations Office provides administrative assistance to international exchange students and teachers both incoming and outgoing. The Office is responsible for organisation and application procedures for all exchange programmes at the Faculty.

Departmental Exchange Programmes and International Cooperation:

1. Bilateral Agreements:

PR China:




2. Erasmus+ agreements

3. CEEPUS Agreements

Korean Studies in Central and Eastern Europe - CEEPUS III

  • Project Director: Dr. LEE Yong, Department of Asian and African Studies, University of Ljubljana
  • Project Co-director: Dr. KANG Byoung Yoong

Chinese Studies in Central Europe (to be implemented in Oct. 2015)

  • Project Coordinator: Dr. Saša Istenič

4. Other Ongoing International Projects

The Confucian Revival and the Theoretical Foundations of Chinese Modernization

  • Project Leader: Dr. Jana S. Rošker

Taiwanese Modern Confucians and their Philosophical Contribution to Asian Modernization

  • Project Director: Dr. Jana S. Rošker
  • Project Co-director: Dr. Lee Ming-Huei, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Taiwan Studies Program

  • Project Director: Dr. Saša Istenič

Language Resources for Slovene Learners of the Japanese Language/ Jezikovni viri za slovenske učence japonskega jezika

  • Project Director: Dr. Irena Srdanović

Overseas Korean Studies Incubation Program - Establishment of Korean Studies in Ljubljana

  • project Director: Dr. Andrej Bekeš
  • project Co-directors: Dr. Chikako Shigemori Bučar and Dr. Yong Lee

LTI Korean Translation Donation Program: Hub Library Members

  • project Director: Dr. Chikako Shigemori Bučar
  • project Co-director: Dr. Byoung Yoong Kang

J.S. Lee Memorial Fellowship Program: East Asian Collections in Slovenia: Identification, Categorization and Digitization of East Asian Art, Historical Collections and Other Materials in Slovenia

  • Project Leaders: Dr. Nataša Vampelj Suhadolnik, Dr. Chikako Shigemori Bučar

Hamaguchi Bunko Library

Central-Eastern European Network of Japanese Language Education

Corpus project for Japanese Language Learners (ARRS-JSPS)

5. Some Past Research Projects

  • J.S. Lee Memorial Fellowship Program: East Asian Collections in Slovenia: Identification, Categorization and Digitization of East Asian Art, Historical Collections and Other Materials in Slovenia(Dr. Nataša Vampelj Suhadolnik)
  • IRG Marie Curie research project: Divine pairs in RV: Divine pairs in ancient Indian scriptures: gender and stylistic expressions of dual deities in the Rgveda. (IRG, PIRG02GA2007224432) (Dr.Marina Zorman, Dr. Tamara Ditrich)
  • Bilateral project between Slovenia and Japan: Traditional Chinese and Traditional European Logic. (BIC 1207005) (Dr. Jana S. Rošker)
  • Bilateral project between Slovenia and Japan: Japonski jezik v Sloveniji: jezikoslovni in prevodoslovni problemi. (BIJP/1214005) (Dr. Chikako Shigemori Bučar)
  • Lisum research project - Linking Sino-European Universities through Mobility:

    • Nanjing University, PRC: Traditional and Modern Chinese Epistemologies (Dr. Jana S. Rošker, 2010)
    • Wuhan University, PRC: Wei Jin Nanbei Period Tombs with Murals (Dr. Nataša Vampelj Suhadolnik, 2010)
  • Center for Chinese Studies, Taiwan – research project: Theory of Knowledge in pre-Modern and Modern China (Dr. Jana S. Rošker, 2009)

  • Center for Chinese Studies, Taiwan – research project: Han Mural Tombs (Dr. Nataša Vampelj Suhadolnik, 2009)

  • MOFA, Taiwan – research project: Taiwanese Modern Confucianism, (Dr. Jana S. Rošker, 2011)

  • Bilateral project: Japanese Society for Promotion of Science, Sophia University (Tokyo): The Role of Religion in Natural Disaster Response and Recovery in Japan and China (Dr. Maja Veselič, 2012-14)

  • Cooperation project: Taiwan II. Track Dialogue (German Institute for international and security affairs Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS), and Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) (Dr Saša Istenič, Jul. 2013 and Sept. 2014)


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